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Variety and Routine...(June, 2023)

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If you’ve known me for a minute, you know I’m a firm believer in variety. Routine yes, AND variety within your movement routine.

We need our cardio (and no, yoga and yoga breathing isn’t cardio even if practiced fast and in a hot room - in fact, that’s a good recipe for a major health issue). We need our mellow, cooling movements like easy stretching on the floor. We need our strengthening movements, like lifting weights, and weight bearing exercises. We need time outside. Time to just breathe. Maybe your thing is windsurfing, maybe it’s mountain biking or running. Or, maybe you’re thinking, “Jamie, I’m lucky if I get in 20 minutes of SOMETHING a week”. I get it. Point is, do SOMETHING, and put your movement time in your calendar BEFORE the week starts, so that you have some routine.

With the above in mind, this week’s featured classes are two very different practices. For variety!

15 - 30 minute category

Beginner/All levels/Moderate #54 Props: Foam roller (optional) Pilates Mat Basics #1 If you've never done Pilates before, or it's been a while, this is the perfect class for you. We'll cover the basic movements and preliminary exercises in Pilates mat work which will strengthen your core and legs. A perfect balance to your yoga practice.

Also in the 15 - 30 minute category…

All Levels/Moderate#61 Props: 2 hand weights - 3 or 5 lbs suggested Fitness practice for shoulders, arms, legs and glutes! After a short warm up, we'll practice standing exercises for all your gluteal muscles, and use the had weights to tone biceps, deltoids, and triceps.

Audio Meditations, Breathing Practices + Tips and Talks category The Big Event - Talk This is it. This is the big event. In this talk I share with you a sliver of my experience with Erich Schiffmann discussing what being in the moment means. Don't wait for "things to calm down", "next year when you retire", or for "when you feel motivated". This, right now is it. This, right now, is the big event.

Soon, in my general newsletter I'll share a bit more about Erich and his current offerings.

Have a good rest of your weekend, stay in touch, and be well!


PS. I'll be traveling a bit soon...if you'd like to see pics of France, I'll post some on social media. Movement Therapy Company on Facebook and Instagram is @movementtherapycompany, and my personal on Instagram @jamieelmer1

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