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The Buttafly

The Buttafly is my favorite prop, and I generally, don't like a ton of props!

For many people, sitting on the floor, in any position, is hard and uncomfortable. Some of this is determined by muscle strength and flexibility, and some of this is simply determined by how our hips and spine are structurally made, from birth!

Regardless of how much I know about joint structure and soft tissue flexibility and strength, I was never able to sit on the floor, cross-legged, in a comfortable way with blankets, blocks or bolsters - until I was gifted the Buttafly a few years ago. I loved it immediately.


recommend the Buttafly to students and clients for seated postures, meditation, and even to use while working at home in a desk chair or sitting on the coach. The design of the Buttafly is different than using a blanket, block or bolster. I would not endorse a product if I did not truly believe in it, and I truly believe in the numerous benefits of the Buttafly.

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