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Hip Replacement + Native Hope...April, 2024

It's 3 pm. Saturday, April 6th here in Western Colorado. It's snowing outside (it was 75 degrees 2 days ago!), B Dog seems bored and Tobin is in the other room resting after having had a hip replacement this past Monday (more on that in my next email - but in short, the surgery went well and he's in recovery mode).


As I sat down to write this email, I had a plan of what to share today, but when I started to write, it didn't feel authentic. So, switching gears, I'd like to remind you, and share with you about who I am giving to this year. It's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women - a branch of Native Hope. Each year I give a portion of my proceeds to a non-profit. If you're a member of my streaming site or have seen me for a one on one session online, a portion of your payment is going to Native Hope in 2024. Thank you.


In their own words, Native Hope is a Native-led nonprofit organization that works to connect Native Americans with resources and believes in the power of storytelling to dismantle barriers, bring healing and inspire hope. We are proud to work with so many incredible and inspirational individuals in our community.


May 5th is a day to wear red and raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women and speak out about the inequalities that Native women face when seeking justice for violence and sexual assault.


To learn more about Native Hope, click HERE.


If you're interested in entering my Change of Season Giveaway which is still underway, click below for more info.




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