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Why do these practices, anyway?!...April, 2024

This past week my husband Tobin had a hip replacement. Yes these surgeries usually go well these days, and yes the recovery and life after recovery is better than ever. All this is true. And, it’s still a big deal!


His surgery went well, and his recovery is going well. B Dog has been an excellent nurse…


And through this process I was reminded AGAIN, that doing your practice is like putting money in the bank.


Years ago in Los Angeles, Rod Stryker said something to this effect: “Do your practice when you have time, even a little time. It’s like putting money in the bank, in a savings account, because there will be a time, for whatever reason, you can’t do your practice, and you’ll need the reserve”.


I’m fairly consistent with my different practices…you know I like variety, so I’m not suggesting it has to look a certain way. And last week, time for my practice fell to the wayside as the days flew by and at the end of the day I just wanted sleep. I was not the perfect nurse, but I did my best. I’m glad that I had kept up my movement routine leading up to the surgery week - so that I had some reserve!


This week I’m back on my mat a bit and on the bike.


Do your practice when you can…whatever it looks like, for however long. 5 minutes counts. It isn’t just about today, but for when you need the reserve strength, focus or compassion. Because you will need it.


My Change of Season Giveaway is still happening for a little while longer. If you’ve fallen out of practice, or are totally new to yoga or Pilates and would like to give it to a try, click HERE to learn more about my Change of Season Giveaway and who it’s for.


My best to you this weekend and always.





PS. I have a small scholarship program for my streaming membership site - for people who at this time need the site, but are unable to afford it. If you’d like to sponsor someone for a year ($60.00), please email me and let me know. I’ll send you details on how to be a sponsor:

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