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I woke up at 2:30 in the morning craving my practice + Last Call for giveaway! (April, 2024)

Some of you may recognize the photo above...taken at Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement many years ago with my good friend and fellow teacher, Keri Telford. It may be the only photo I have in this room, since this was pre smart phone, and we weren't taking photos and filming everything we did. Thank God!!!! I picked this photo because of what I'd like to share with you today...


A few nights ago I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and had this craving for a good, long, full, yoga practice. For those of you who have been bit by the yoga bug, you know what I mean.


I often talk about how great variety is, and that "5 minutes counts", but nothing, NOTHING is like a full, well rounded yoga practice which leaves you with that feeling at the end of, "All is right with the world".


I woke up the next morning and told Tobin, "I need some solid time on my mat in the next couple of days".


While lying there awake in the middle of the night craving to get on my mat, I started thinking of my teaching days in Los Angeles. So many students whose faces and bodies I remember like it was yesterday. Hundreds. Names? Some are still in my brain, but the faces and bodies are etched. I remember where you were in the room, what your favorite classes were, what color your mat was, whether you rushed in at the last minute or you were there 20 minutes early to sit in silence, or talk with friends before class. I remember when you had your first child, when your mother died, when you were laid off, got a great new job, and were taking a trip out of the country for the first time.


Incredibly special days.


At the end of class, I'd sit, sometimes walk around, observe you all breathing, looking so peaceful, calm and relaxed, and know that I was so lucky to witness this peace, among strangers.


It makes me a bit teary to write about. Coming together to move and breathe, either once, or 5 days a week for years...these moments add up to big changes within ourselves and with each other.


If you're a yoga enthusiast or you once were many moons ago, I encourage you to get on your mat this weekend. Take the time. Savor it. Breathe deeply. Indulge in the practice that can work magic on us.


And, this is the last call for my Change of Season Giveaway. If you've fallen off the movement train and would like to get back on, OR, you've never been on the train and would like some guidance as to how to step on, click HERE to enter my giveaway. I look forward to announcing the winner soon.


Much love to you,



*In 2024, I'll be giving a portion of all Movement Therapy Company streaming memberships to MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) - a branch of Native Hope. For more on this organization, click HERE.

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