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Don't Lie to Yourself, Please...(June, 2023)

This past week I was doing dishes at the kitchen sink, and Tobin, my husband said to me, “Weren’t you going to use the gym yesterday or today”? I responded with, “Yah, I just haven’t had time”. As the words were coming out of my mouth, I knew I was full of BS (for my foreign friends, that is bull shit - please excuse the language). I then said, “Yah, I guess I’ve chosen not to get into the gym the last few days”! I’ll go in now. I left half the dishes in the sink, went upstairs and got moving.

Last week I had time to have lunch with a friend. I had time to be on social media a bit. I had time to watch an episode of Ted Lasso AND one of Succession. So, to say I didn’t have time to get into the gym was completely not true!

We can so easily make rationalizations and make excuses for almost anything. Be honest with yourself. And remember, 5 minutes counts.

You can make time to breathe and move for 5 minutes today. I know you can. Go do it.


Jamie PS. Traveling a bit right now. If you'd like to see some pics of France, I'm posting some on Facebook and Instagram. Both handles are movementtherapycompany

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