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Try to slow down before you're forced to (Fall, 2018)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hello community!

I'm back in Colorado after a lovely weekend teaching in Ohio at PAI Yoga Fitness. I came home to pouring rain (which is great because our area needs it badly), and with the worst cold I've had in years. Winter is coming! Weather comes and goes, colds come and go, and one thing I like about both, is that they force a slowing down. I have a great, and sometimes not so healthy, way of moving on even when I feel or see a roadblock. When its raining outside, the projects outdoors have to stop. When I'm sick, I have to slow down. Its the silver lining I guess. I hope wherever you are in the world your life is well paced this week, and that you didn't need to get sick in order for that to happen!

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