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Shouldn't have to, but we do (Summer, 2020)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Dear Community,

As this year continues to be quite challenging, we MUST focus on the little moments and opportunities that are inspiring, useful and healing. And we must give a little thanks for the moments and opportunities that allow us to stay connected as people - even though we're still social distancing.

This past week has been intense. Where we live, in western Colorado, we've had some of the largest forest fires in the state's history surrounding us. There is one 20 miles from our home currently (thankfully on the other side of a river), and one that has stopped us from being able to get home for the last week due to the highway being closed. Thankfully, my husband, B Dog and I have been able to stay in a motel - and thankfully, I was able to teach online from the room the last few days. We're planning on finally getting home and back to my studio Wednesday! Each day right now we stay flexible, stay fluid, and each day I give thanks that I CAN teach and work, even when life gets messy.

There are many people, situations and causes that could use our time, attention and resources (forest fires, politics, social justice). And sometimes its challenging to decide where to give. As you know, I usually give a portion of all my proceeds to POW (Protect Our Winters). This month, I felt called to give a portion of Movement Therapy Company's proceeds to a different cause. A more personal cause which pulled at my heart. Its a Go Fund Me page to help a young family with hospital bills. I know first hand what its like to be burdened by medical expenses, so when I read this Go Fund Me's page (created by the twin's grandmother), I felt called for Movement Therapy Company to give to them this month. So, if you're a member of my streaming video site, see me for one-on-one sessions, or attend my continued education Immersion this year, know that a portion of your investment this month will go to this family.

Please read below for more information on this Go Fund Me page, and feel free to share this page with others, or perhaps give a little yourself. Moments of goodness and giving helps and does add up.

Be good to yourself and others. And please, stay in touch.


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