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Personally Connecting with My Community...January, 2024

This morning I woke up inspired to write this email newsletter to you all. My community.


I’m about to have another birthday. Like many people I know, I feel that time is going faster than it used to. As my birthday approaches, I think about what I’ll look back on and wish I had done more of, and what I wish I had done less of in my life. This morning the first thing that came to mind when I asked myself this question was, I will have wished that I was more open with people.


2023 was a full year. Tobin, B Dog and I moved. Tobin and I progressed forward in our work together, we travelled, I taught and grew my streaming membership site, we saw family and friends, and I had another miscarriage. One of many that I’ve had in the past handful of years.


I mention all of the above because I realize, and am grateful for the fact that my movement practice is with me for it all. The ups, the downs, the fun times (downhill mountain biking in France), and the heartbreak (no heartbeat again). I see my practice these days as a trusted friend that is always there for me.


Time in my body, with my breath, on my mat or out in nature is my refuge. A time and place where everything feels right with the world. My life has changed (as our lives do every year!), but this year really presented me with more physical changes than usual, and that wasn’t easy. Getting on my mat, on my bike or out for a run challenged me to have a ton of compassion and love for my body. A body that is not what it was 20 years ago. A body that sometimes feels newish to me.


Even if your body has some aches and pains it didn’t have before, or your body isn’t doing what it used to with such ease(!), give it a lot of grace, and get moving anyway.


Please don’t look at your movement practice as another thing to add to your to do list. Please don’t see your movement practice as punishment or a time that makes you confront a body that is unfamiliar. Please see your movement practice as a time to connect with yourself, a time to give yourself some love , and a time to lean on a great support in your life…your breath, and incredible body.


I’m excited for this year to come. I hope you are, too.


Keep moving. Continue to take the time to breathe. Continue to connect with yourself in ways that are fun and inspiring. Your breath and movement are there for you…like a trusted friend.


My best to you, always.


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