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Do it for you (Summer, 2022)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Dear Community ,

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email newsletter regarding taking care of ourselves, and the fact that it may be helpful to look at taking care of ourselves as a duty - a duty to stay as strong and healthy as we can so that we can show up for friends and family when they need us. And, they will need us.

In this email newsletter, I'm going to write a few lines about taking care of ourselves from a different perspective...

Most people I know are giving, caring and work hard. Most are already thinking about friends, family and how to help the world to varying degrees. So, if when you read my last email you thought, "Damn it, I already give so much to others. I'm exhausted and want time and space for me", THIS email is for you.

If taking care of yourself for others isn't motivating, take care of yourself for you. If nobody has told you recently, I'm here to do so...

You deserve to be well cared for, feel good, and be as healthy as possible. You deserve time, space and energy to enjoy your body, breath and some peace.

Take the time to take care of yourself not just for the normal reasons of: lowering your blood pressure, maintaining healthy weight so that your joints are less strained, stress reduction and to feel happier, but take care of yourself so that you give to yourself as much as you give to others. You deserve it. Trust me. I know you do.

So, there really are no more excuses. Take good care of yourself for you, your friends, family, pets and the planet. You need you to show up for yourself as much as you need to show up for your loved ones. Be good to yourself not just physically, but with the food you put in your body, and with the thoughts that go through your head.

Until next time...

Much love,


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