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With two decades of experience, Jamie at MTC knows that true healing and physical progress takes time. If you’re looking for a one hour “cure-all” to fix the pain that took a lifetime of misalignment, bad habits, and overuse to cause, then MTC is not for you! Healing takes time. Changing your habits, strengthening and stretching our body takes time to develop and implement.


You don’t need to be physically fit, technologically savvy, or have a certain body type to succeed. All you need is the motivation to feel better.

  • I work one-on-one with clients because providing personal attention is the most effective way to achieve your physical goals.

  • I work online because its safe, convenient, and it works great!

  • I can help you get set-up to work together online.

  • It’s easier and more effective than you might think.



  • Joint and muscle pain, including back, hips, knees and neck

  • Injuries from an accident, trauma, misalignment or sports

  • Posture imbalance, including symptoms of “bad posture” and scoliosis

  • Balance issues, due to weakness, tightness, or physical imbalance


This is how we'll work together: 

First, you can have a 15 - 30 minute, complimentary phone or video consultation to make sure that MTC can help you and your unique needs. We’ll discuss what lead you to MTC, what you’ve tried so far, and what you need to accomplish to feel better in your body.


Second, you’ll fill out the One-on-one Intake Questionnaire and the Liability Release, covering your physical history, and your needs and goals.


Third, you’ll register and pay for the Feel Better in Your Body Starter 3 Package. In these three online sessions, you’ll receive a posture, movement, and gait (walking) evaluation. Next, we’ll work through a daily life ergonomic assessment to help determine what you’re doing everyday that might be causing your pain. Then you’ll be taught specialized movement therapy techniques that fit your specific needs. You’ll receive take-home exercises and techniques for changing the habits that are causing pain or imbalance.


After your initial three sessions, we’ll reassess your progress, how you feel, and what we can continue to improve. Depending on your needs, you may choose another three sessions, or as many as six.



To schedule your complimentary phone or video consultation, click HERE.


To get started filling out the One-on-one Intake Questionnaire and Liability Release, click HERE.


To register and pay for your 3 session starter package, or another series of sessions, click HERE.

To schedule your sessions, please email

“It’s remarkable how well Jamie is able to identify alignment issues and give clear, concise adjustment cues via Skype. She also encourages follow-up calls or emails if I have any questions after each session, and I feel comfortable contacting her."   Jill Jones, Phoenix, AZ

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