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Movement Therapy Co 2020

Now is the time to take care of yourself.
7 day free trial of streaming site! Start by clicking here.


You’re in the right place if you want to:


  • Feel better in your body and feel better in your mind

  • Have access to streaming yoga, Pilates, fitness, and movement therapy classes anytime, online, anywhere in the world

    • Strengthen, stretch, and balance your body safely

    • Become a better movement teacher

    • Be taught by an industry leader

Jamie Elmer sitting on the ground smiling

Anytime anywhere

The Movement Therapy Company streaming site is your online service for yoga, Pilates, fitness, meditation, and movement therapy classes. The mission of the streaming site is help you feel better in your body - anywhere, and at any time, around the world.

Variety of class types

The site has a library of Yoga, Pilates, Movement Therapy and Fitness Classes, along with Jamie’s Align and Refine Tutorials - workshops for curious students, movement teachers, and teachers in training.

New videos each month

The site works just like Netflix, and is organized by time, so there are classes as short as 10 minutes, and classes as long as 90 minutes. There are new classes added to each category, for various levels and abilities, each month.

something for everyone

You do not need to be an experienced “yoga person” or “fitness pro” to benefit from the site. You do however, simply need an internet connection and a willingness to feel better in your body. All genders, body types and fitness levels encouraged to become part of this community.


In 2018, after Jamie had been teaching Yoga, Pilates and Movement Therapy for 20 years, it was time to bring these classes and Jamie’s years of experience, to her students across the globe, without Jamie having to get on a plane to do so! Hence, the streaming site was planned, and Jamie went all in. 

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