"Back pain was an every day issue for me. A career in construction and a life of extreme sports left me with several herniated discs and sore muscles to go with it. Jamie not only fixed the acute pain, but has given me a routine to work on to keep myself pain free. More than massage or chiropractic, Jamie taught me how to correct posture, and everyday behaviors that were making my back pain worse. Her follow up and continuous tweaking of my routine has made all the difference!" Tobin K., Venice, CA


"You're the first person I've heard describe back spasms in a way that fits my experience.

The exercises you taught me make more sense than returning to my old practice.  It's made me more conscious about how I walk and stand, and gave me the tools to strengthen the right muscles and stretch properly. Many thanks! Ed Y., Greenville, SC​

“It’s remarkable how well Jamie is able to identify alignment issues and give clear,

concise adjustment cues via Skype. She also encourages follow-up calls or emails if I have any questions after each session, and I feel comfortable contacting her."  Jill J., Phoenix, AZ

"Jamie is spectacular. She taught the Applied Anatomy portion of my last 200-hour training and every person in that group fell in love with her and left feeling as though she revolutionized their practices. So awesome!" Lori S., Los Angeles, CA

"I downloaded your tutorials and I practice with you constantly. It has given me the confidence to become a safe knowledgeable practicioner and now a teacher. Just thought I would let you know how well received and appreciated your work is and how grateful I am that I was lucky enough to train with you". Siobhan G., London, UK

"Your teaching style is one that I very much appreciate: direct, considerate, authentic, and practical. Thank you for answering every question without judgement. Thank you for showing us how to look at the human body and use all our unique habits to build the best practices. Simply, thank you for being you.Kate D., Easton, PA

Jamie is the featured teacher of the home practice section of the November 2016 yoga journal

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A great article about Jamie from the good ole days in LA, 2011


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