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Won't regret spending less time on social media (Winter, 2022)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Dear Community ,

Right now, this week, I feel quite open and communicative. So watch it is!

I've been taking a social media break (I'm only on Instagram and Facebook), because I needed it. We (my family) have a lot of change happening right now, and I started to notice that social media was feeling like a drain, a time suck, and something I felt obligated to do each day, instead of excited to do each day. So, those were signs to me that it was time to take a break. I'll be back on each platform in about a week or so. Maybe less time. Maybe I'll need a little more time. We'll see...

This is somewhat scary and a hard decision to make as a sole proprietor and small business owner when you have the world telling you, "you have to be on social media to stay in business"!

At the end of last week I had someone message me on Instagram letting me know that I could hire her to tweak my Insta account to make my live videos look better, with "less wrinkles", and she'd help me "look younger". When I received that message I thought, "I need a break, I'm out" (because you know what, I DO have wrinkles, and I AM 44, and I don't do botox or try to be any other age than the age I am, in my teaching, in my videos, in my email correspondence or on social media).

I am well aware that my social media isn't totally "polished", and I like it that way. As the years go on, I want to be known for being real. And, if that doesn't resonate with everyone, which it won't, that is okay. I'm going to trust that it resonates with some, and the right people.

Having a polished Instagram or Facebook account with filters and edits doesn't make anyone a better teacher. And, my goal is to be the best teacher I can be, in order to help people as well as possible.

I share this with you today because I know many of you are teachers, teachers in training and students, and the bottom line is, the point of the above is, BE YOU. And, if a movement practice doesn't instinctually feel right to you, don't do it. If social media starts to feel shitty and like an energy drain, take a break. If you find you're trying to teach like someone else, and not be yourself, STOP DOING THAT. Listen to your gut and your instinct when it comes to your daily practices, habits, and teaching styles.

Who would have ever thought that we, as humans would need to actually train ourselves to listen to our instincts, but we do! There are so many ways in which we try to train ourselves out of being ourselves. Instead, I encourage you this week to practice listening to your gut, what feels right for you to do, even if you're not sure why, and see where that leads you.

I'm self conscious about saying this, but I was actually nervous about stepping away from social media. I've done it before - taken a break. And initially I feel like I'm missing out or lonely. That actually only lasts for a short amount of time, and then, and THEN, my focus improves with each passing day, and my productivity improves. Always. Because, even if its just 20 minutes all together throughout the day (and the person trying to sell me on lessoning my wrinkles told me I only need to be on social media 2 hours a day!), 20 minutes is 20 minutes, and I've needed that 20 minutes for other things right now (suggestion - putting your legs up the wall like the above picture).

I encourage you this week to spend your time on the most important things to you. See where it takes you.

I'm noticing the real benefits of my social media break, AND, will return soon, when the time is right, but not with wrinkle reducing filters or age minimizing edits (my links are at the bottom of this email).

In 20 years I will be disappointed if I don't spend more time moving, outside, giving, writing, singing and dancing. I don't think I'll be disappointed that I didn't spend more time on social media. Will you?

Take good care of yourself and each other this week. I'm here for you!



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