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Who you gave to this year (winter, 2022)

Dear Community ,

This week I made my annual contribution to POW - Protect Our Winters - an organization which “helps passionate outdoor people protect the places we live and lifestyles we love from climate change”.

I give a portion of every dollar Movement Therapy Company makes to POW.

If you've been with me in a workshop, in a teacher training, or have been a member of my streaming site in 2022, a portion of your proceeds has gone to this organization. Thank you!

To learn more about POW, go to

The end of 2022 is within sight. I hope you take as much as possible off of your "to do" list, make time for movement and breath, and take good care of yourself as we enter 2023.

If you're interested in becoming a member of my site, click below. Code 25LIVE at checkout is still active, so don't forget to use it to receive 25% off your first 3 months (gift option also available for 1 month or longer).

Reach out with questions -

Stay in touch.

Take great care of yourself this week!


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