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Who I give to and why (Fall, 2022)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Dear Community,

I believe that climate change is real, and happening faster than predicted.

So, I'm sending you this email/newsletter to remind you where a portion of your money goes, when you work with me as a member of my streaming, membership site.

A portion of all proceeds that Movement Therapy Company makes goes towards POW - Protect Our Winters - a non profit organization that works towards combating climate change.

When your monthly or annual renewal takes place, which enables you to access all of my videos, audios and tutorials, a portion of that renewal goes towards POW (

Continue to use and enjoy the membership site which helps you #FeelBetterInYourBody. Feel free to share or gift the site to friends and family, and do what you can for #MotherEarth



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