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Warming My Heart (Spring, 2020)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Dear Community, I'm thankful that over the years, we've stayed in touch and are still a part of each other's circle. This time has been taxing, strange, and also community building in new ways. I'm more thankful than ever for the internet and all the new ways of communicating that there are these days! I hope wherever you are in the world, you're safe, taken care of, and still finding ways to stay connected with friends and family. When I started my streaming member's site, and seeing one-on-one privates online, I never imagined something like Covid 19 being a part of our world. I'm glad to be able to offer these resources and services, especially at this time. I've been able to connect live, with students for online sessions, and received emails from streaming members letting me know how glad they are that the site exists for self care at home. One student recently sent me this: "I just finished practicing with you, thanks to one of your video sessions.

This would have been a fairly normal action in my everyday life before COVID-19.

Now it has turned into some some sort of a luxury and day-saving action.

As you probably know, Italy is the very epicenter of coronavirus contagion, expecially the Lombardy region, which is EXACTLY where I live, nearby Milan.

We have been in semi-total lockdown and quarantined for nearly three weeks now. As a result, a large number of activities have been suspended, including of course my yoga classes. So, as you can imagine, being able to practice with you makes my days a little bit easier.

Now your lessons are therapy and your voice has become a friendly staple of my days". Valeria, Italy

I can't quite explain how it warms my heart to hear statements like the one above from Valeria. I'm not only glad people are using the site, but it also makes me feel more connected and a part of community at this time with people across the globe. One of the things I see this pandemic doing, is that its bringing us closer on a global level. We're all involved, experiencing similar feelings and reactions to this situation, and finding commonality in that experience. Please stay in touch and take good care of yourself and others. If you're interested in my online offerings, see below: Streaming member's site (7 day free trial - new videos added each month) click HERE. One-one-one sessions online (for detailed info about who an online session is good for, and how my online individualized program works) click HERE. Jamie

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