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Why I'm Grateful For You (Newsletter from 2016 when Donald Trump was elected - Nov. 2016)

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Hello Friends,

If you’re reading this newsletter, we’ve most likely met in person at some point in the last fifteen years. Some of you I’ve spent an hour with, and some of you I’ve spent over a thousand hours with either as a student, friend or as one of my teachers (which are truly all one in the same!).

In the last two weeks I’ve had time to pause, rest, reflect and take time for practice. In this time, I’ve thought about the fact that my love of practice - breath work, movement, meditation - is a part of my life I value and am grateful for more than ever before. This practice has enabled me to deal with some of the most difficult times in my life, as well as opened doors to experiences and people I would have never met otherwise.

One of my greatest challenges as a teacher has been the fact that by nature, I’m shy. I’d be a really good hermit if left to my own devices. Teaching has opened me up to connect with more wonderful people than I could have ever hoped for. You’re one of them.

That said, this Newsletter is simply about saying thanks. Thank you for being a part of my life. We’ll keep on keeping on. We’ll continue to connect, breathe, and practice living with our hearts wide open together. Thank you for your presence.

Have a wonderful start to your holiday season.

Stay in touch and take good care!


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