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Take the time to do NOTHING (Spring, 2018)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hello friends and community!

Its hard for me to believe its already March 1st. I had a lot of hopes and plans at the start of this year and already feel like the time is flying by. In an ever increasing fast faced world, I'm trying to make more time to completely turn off. No computer, no phone, no social media, no filming. Its hard for me to practice this, but when I do I literally feel my whole being relax. Its important. The world will continue to be fast paced and pull at us from every direction. It is up to us, and within our power to put on the brakes. Its within our control and important for our mental and physical health. No matter how many things are left on the to do list. So, as the year is charging ahead at full speed, I encourage you to take the time to do nothing. Yes, nothing. Even for a few minutes. You'll start to feel your batteries re-charged, you'll have more energy, more focus, and less anxiety. And, let's also take the time to connect this Spring, either online through my video membership site ( or in person. There really is no substitute for human interaction. Here are the events coming up. Join me. Questions?

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