• Jamie Elmer

Snipping and Tucking...(Winter, 2022)

Dear Community ,

As a follow up from my email newsletter from two days ago…

I received more written responses from that email than I have since I announced I was moving from Los Angeles in 2008! It was truly lovely to hear from so many of you. And for those that wrote something like,“You probably don’t remember me, but…” I do! I remember who I’ve worked with over the years, and remain feeling close to you, and care about you. That is why it’s even more special when I hear from you. Thanks for actually reading my emails all these years.

Anyway, obviously the whole social media subject is an interesting topic for many of us, isn’t it?!

And, to be clear, I’m not judging anyone who does tuck, snip, Botox, un-tuck or zip. It simply isn’t for me at this time.

Give me another 10 years though and I may change my mind as the wrinkles progress, the skin sags and heads south (wink, wink)! Cheers to however you choose to age! Simply know that I think of you, want the best for you, and want you to feel good and be happy. XO, Jamie

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