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Ringing in the new year was crazy (winter, 2023)!

Updated: Mar 12

Dear Community ,

Welcome new newsletter subscribers, and happy 2023 to all!

We had a wild New Year’s Eve…

In the afternoon I continued to paint our mechanical room. While I made dinner I had a tonic water with extra lemon. With dinner I popped open an ice cold bottle of Martinelli’s apple cider (which isn’t as fun to drink as I remember it being as a kid). Tobin and I did our nightly French lesson (we just started this past week, so please don’t start speaking to me in French, yet!). I did my hip and knee exercises that I like to do at least every other night to keep my arthritic knee from being cranky. Then, I topped off the evening by trying to read a book (you know, instead of watching a show), and promptly fell asleep around 9:30 pm.

It was crazy! If you woke up this morning not feeling your best, don't worry, there's always tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up about it. Start 2023 with some movement and breath today. Remember, 5 minutes counts. Take good care of yourself and each other this year. My best to you, always! Jamie *Code 25LIVE is still active if you'd like to receive 25% off your first 3 months of my membership site. Go to to access membership site. Once on site, enter the code at checkout. Questions? Email me! *More info about listening recommendations, new audios and videos for you, and the book I'm writing coming soon.

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