• Jamie Elmer

Put it in your calendar...(Summer, 2021)

Dear Community ,

Routine has been on my mind lately, and this is why...

My husband, B Dog and I have been traveling A LOT the past 3.5 months. We've driven over 20,000 miles - some for pleasure, some out of necessity, and some for work and teaching. With so much transition, its easy for me to start to feel ungrounded and even a little scattered. And, with this much change and movement, its really easy to fall out of a movement and exercise routine.

You know me, so you know that I'm a believer in variety when it comes to movement and exercise. It will look different for all of us depending on what we like, dislike, the season and how much energy we have. But, its about doing SOMETHING. And doing something, is easier said than done.

So, even with this "non-routine" life we've been living lately, I had to start putting my practice time on the calendar, because there is ALWAYS something that can and will get in the way if I let it. If you let it.

I encourage you this week to put your movement and exercise time in your calendar, and treat it as a MUST, a NECESSITY. Because, IT IS.

There will ALWAYS be an excuse to do other things if we look for an excuse. There will always be dishes to do, emails to return, bills to pay, grass to mow, errands to run...there will always be that "to do list" that we can use as an excuse if we let it be.

So today, I encourage you to put your movement, breathing, fitness and exercise time on the calendar, and commit and guard that time like your health and life depends on it. I'll do the same.

Be well this week and stay in touch. I love hearing from you!


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