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Once in a while I send this email (Winter, 2022)

Dear Community ,

Once in a while I send an email like this…

Not very often because, I really don’t like feeling “salesy”, but sometimes its necessary to remind my community about what I have for you, to help you Feel Better In Your Body! So, please read below and feel free to pass this resource on to friends and family…

Over five years ago (no, I can’t believe its been that long!), I started my streaming membership site. Covid didn’t exist yet, and it was before the world was forced to move online. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. I started the site for one main reason, to help more people feel better physically.

At the time I started this site, I was still flying to various cities and studios to teach in the US and overseas, and as rewarding as that was, I needed a way to reach my students without me having to physically get on a plane as often! So, the plan to start the streaming membership site began, and eventually, the site was launched.

If you’re new to my email/newsletter, or it’s been a while since hearing about the site, here is what it’s all about, who it’s designed for, and how it works.

My membership site has the following:

- Yoga, Pilates, Movement Therapy and Fitness classes + my Align and Refine Tutorial category for curious students and to help my teaching friends become better teachers (workshops on topics like, Back Care, Plantar Fasciitis, how to practice and teach specific postures like Warrior 1 and Bridge, etc).

- Audio practices (for when you don’t need a visual), and audio talks on topics like specific breathing practices, and tips for movement teachers.

The site is categorized by time…

0 - 15 minute practices 15 - 30 minute practices 30 - 45 minutes practices 45 - 60 minute practices 60 - 90 minute practices

In each category, there are all levels, beginner, intermediate and intense classes so you can choose the level that fits what you need each day.

If you’ve practiced with me in the past, you know I LOVE to move, but also have a long history of injuries, so a focus on alignment and safety is sprinkled into each class, some more than others.

I have students who are brand new to yoga and Pilates use my site, and seasoned teachers who benefit from my sequencing and cueing (two aspects of teaching I’m particularly passionate about).

So, if you’re curious about using the site to help you Feel Better In Your Body and help you Become a Better Teacher, I invite you to become a member (there is also a gift option on the site in case you're into gift giving this time of year. You can gift the site for 1 month or longer).

And, I don’t offer discounts very often because, quite honestly, the site is already priced incredibly fair, but just in case you like the feeling of getting a deal, use the discount code below at checkout for 25% off your first 3 months (site is regularly $11.99 - with code its $8.99 for the 1st three months)! 25LIVE

If you have any questions about the membership site, please don't hesitate to ask: - I'm here for you. Click below to access the site, and use discount code 25LIVE at checkout - you'll receive a 7 day free trial, and can of course, cancel at any time. My best to you always. Continue to take good care of yourself and each other. Thanks for staying in touch and being a part of my life and community. Jamie

"Jamie's site completely changed my body. I love yoga, but my hip and back pain was getting worse. Since practicing with her site, my hip and back pain is literally GONE. So happy to have found this site so that I can continue to practice the classes I love"! - Jenny H. Texas, USA

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