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My Loving Recommendations For You This Weekend...May, 2024

Dear Membership Community,


There was a day last week where I had the house to myself for a good portion of the day. My To Do list for both work and personal was QUITE long, and I also wanted to prioritize getting on my mat that day.


I got about 4 main things done (which felt like nothing compared to what I wanted to check off my list!), got my mat out, and got my moving and breathing practice in. I felt rushed and wanted more time. So, I kept repeating to myself as I settled in, "I have all the time in the world. I have all the time in the world". This little mantra was helpful for me that day.


Here are a couple of recommendations for your weekend and week ahead. If you're feeling hurried or rushed, try thinking or saying out loud, "I have all the time in the world".


Intermediate/Advanced/Intense #29, in the 60-90 minute category

Level: Intermediate/Advanced/IntenseProps: None.Starting with a few yin postures (longer held stretches), we'll open the shoulders and chest to make breathing easier. In the flow we'll focus on twists for spine length and strength, AND, longer balance sequences for leg strength and mental focus.

Click HERE


I See You, and I Love You Meditation

There are many stereotypes about please let go of those right now. Take a few minutes. Find a mirror, open your eyes, notice what is right in front of you (yourself), and with whole heartedness tell yourself, I love you. Practice this. I'll talk you through it here. Right now.

Click HERE


*I've had some interesting feedback about this meditation...everything from "I loved it"!, to "I could never do that"! Let me know what you think...


Take good care of yourself this week.

My best to you, always.



PS. Interested in gifting my streaming site to a friend or family member for one month or longer? Click HERE to access the streaming site, and there is a “gift” option on the bottom left of the page.


I personally gift the streaming site to a few people who can’t afford the $11.99 a month at this time, but use it for physical, emotional and mental health. If you’d like to sponsor someone for a year long membership, it's $60 for the year. Email me to sponsor someone! Its a nice thing to do.

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