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It takes discipline (June, 2018)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hello Friends, Students and Community,

I just returned from teaching in London, and am back in Southeastern Virginia, USA, where today its cloudy, rainy and cold. Its a nice reprieve from the hot weather we've already been having this month. I love days like today where things quiet down, the energy is calm and I have a good excuse to stay indoors and get to work!

Discipline has been on my mind lately. Life has felt full, busy, a bit hectic and challenging lately with events in the news and family obligations. Life is not going to press the pause button in order for us to take the time to move and breath. We have to press the pause button ourselves in order to make time to take care of ourselves. And as you know, when you take better care of yourself, you'll not only feel better, but the world around you will improve.

I don't wake up naturally at the crack of dawn, with no "to do" list and think, "what do I feel like doing today"? I'm guessing you can relate. Lately I know I need to make more time for movement, breath work and exercise, and I have to put it on my calendar, at the top of my "to do" list in order to make it happen. I do this because I know it will make my life better, so that I can show up better for the world. With this in mind, I hope we all discipline ourselves this week to take action, to press the pause button, move and breathe.

Join me this month at East Meets West Yoga Center in Vienna, VA for public workshops and continued education clinics. Click HERE for more info and to register. Also, while in Vienna, VA, I'm offering private, one on one sessions. In a private session with me I can help you enhance your own practice, help with injuries and mentor you as a teacher. Email me at to schedule a private session with me in Vienna, VA, June 29th - July 1st. Not in the Vienna, VA area? Work with me online for a private session. Contact me at

Lastly, one of the main reasons I started my online streaming yoga video membership site is to give you more, convenient options to take care of yourself. If you'd like to feel better physically and emotionally, join me for yoga and breathing practices via my membership site. We now have over 150 videos in the library (more added every week) in 13 categories, from Beginner to Advanced, 10 minutes to 90 minutes. Through the site you can practice with me any time, on your schedule, at your level. Access the siteHERE and enjoy a free, 5 day free trial. $11.99 a month AND a portion of your membership, EVERY month we donate to - a non profit that helps to clean up and protect our world's oceans.

Be well this week, stay in touch, and keep moving and breathing!


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