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I'm not selling you anything...December, 2023



I had a harder time writing this email newsletter than most others. It is that time of year that I feel the pressure to advertise, and that I’m supposed to remind YOU to use my streaming site, become a member of the streaming site, and gift the site, etc. But, I do less and less buying and gift giving during the holiday season myself, and it doesn’t feel authentic to me to feel like I’m advertising right now.


So yes, I have a yoga, Pilates, movement therapy, breathing and meditation streaming site. Yes, there is a gift option and it makes for a thoughtful gift for 1 month or longer (wink, wink), but I’d like to share a few other things with you in this email newsletter this week instead (there is a button at the bottom of this email to gift if you're interested - once on the page, gift option is in the bottom left)! Here they are:


I like to observe people. People’s behavior and physical movement. I find humans fascinating, especially this time of year. And, I need to remind myself that we are all different, and need different energy. Particularly during the holidays.


I’m someone who avoids going out on the weekends as much as possible, to avoid crowds - especially during the holidays and with sales and shopping going on. But some people LOVE the energy, the crowds, the feeling of accomplishment they get from finding a great deal on a gift. We’re different.


I send fewer cards and purchase fewer gifts than ever. It isn’t because I don’t care about the people in my life, I simply notice that the obligation of gift giving is somewhat stressful for me, and I can choose to not have this stress in my life. So, if you don’t get a card or gift from me, please don’t be offended. I still do care about you.


I’m approaching this month with the mentality of, “What don’t I need to do”? “What can I choose to NOT put on my to do list”? Because believe me, I can make the longest to do list you’ve ever seen which only leads me to feeling forever under accomplished!


A few friends I’ve talked with recently have shared how stressed they are, and have used phrases like, “You know, this time of year is crazy for everybody”. In my mind, I’m thinking, “No, it doesn’t have to be”!


We all have a choice about how much we choose to participate in or not. We’re not victims to the holidays.


So, I encourage you to be honest about what is healthy for YOU this season, even if it feels like everyone else is doing “all the things” as the kids say these days.


I do encourage you to put in your calendar time to move and breathe. If it isn’t scheduled you probably won’t miraculously find yourself with free time to do it. Drink more water and make sleep a priority this month, too. Even if it means other things need to be scratched off of the to do list.


Last (and I’ll share more about this in my next email), I was interviewed by my friend and colleague Ginger Wilcox last month for her podcast. It’s under 20 minutes. We actually discuss the epidemic of people saying “I’m so crazy busy”, and more. Click HERE to listen. And, check out her other episodes. Ginger is funny, imaginative, has an interesting way of weaving yoga philosophy into her eclectic life, and on top of it, has an excellent voice!


Listen to the podcast, and please feel free to share. If you're giving gifts, consider the streaming site...button below (once on the page, gift option is in bottom left). Things like the podcast and my site are shared primarily through word of mouth.


My best to you this season and always.


Take good care of yourself.




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