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I know what the excuses are (March, 2023)

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

How's your week going?

B Dog says hello. And, although this email newsletter has nothing to do with dogs, or B Dog more specifically, I just thought it was a nice picture. You probably don't need to see one more picture of me in a yoga or Pilates posture!

Below are my recommendations for you this week.

First, before I recommend videos from the site, keep the following in mind...

Try for variety in your week. Some suggestions are:

Walking, Pilates, swimming, yard work, ice skating, yoga, skiing, resistance training, weights, active rest (yes, active rest), biking, hiking, elliptical machine, squats in your basement, jumping jacks while waiting for coffee to brew, ballet or modern class, and so much more.

Don't freak out and think that I'm asking you to do all of the above in a week, but if any of these things speak to you, perhaps commit to doing one of the above this week, or one new activity this month?

Our body, brain and heart needs variety. But, if you're like me you might have a mind that says, "This is the activity I do, this is how often I do it, and this is how it's done". I would love if the world was that simple, but it isn't. Even if you're someone that likes the same routine, we really do need the variety. If you feel "in shape" practicing yoga, try sprinting. If you feel "in shape" on the elliptical, try a weight routine. Ideally, we want a variety of movement in our life to keep our brain and body strong and mobile in different ways. So, this Spring, trying mixing things up a bit.

This said, remember that 5 minutes counts. A few jumping jacks here, a down dog as a computer break, and maybe some light stretching before bed. So, don't email me back and say you absolutely don't have time. You do, if you're being realistic. Instead of checking instagram while on the toilet, reach your arms overhead and strengthen your shoulders for 30 seconds...(for example).


Below are your recommendations for the week.

My best to you, always, and take good care of yourself and each other.

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