• Jamie Elmer

I choose to embrace...(Winter, 2021)

Dear Community ,

This past year, and now, in to 2021, the word embrace continues to run through my mind often. It feels different than "accept"; softer, and more loving. I don't know when or where this word first popped in to my head, but it comes up for me often throughout the week. When we embrace ourselves, another person or situation, it doesn't necessarily mean we love the circumstances or that they're right or even okay, but we're going to embrace them anyway because if we don't, the hard energy of resistance is more damaging.

We've all had to embrace a lot this year - whether we were ready for it, wanted to, or not. My husband and I envisioned an incredibly different year than we've had, and in the end, I've been really glad to have been forced to change gears and direction. This said, I don't think I'd feel this way now unless I had embraced these new circumstances and changes.

So, as we move further in to 2021, see if the word embrace resonates with you, and perhaps, even feels good with some situations in your life and the world.

This week, I'm REALLY putting this to the test with my birthday on Wednesday, the 20th (yes, inauguration day here in the US). When I think about turning 43, I think, "My mom's 43"! Nope. She's not. I am. Okay, I'm going to embrace that this week. Try it out for yourself. See if its helpful.

In other news...

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