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Feeling Proud (Spring, 2018)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hello friends, students and community!

Greetings from the East Coast of the US where summer is settling in and the days are getting hot and humid. Its a welcome change from the dry climate of my home base of Western Colorado!

In this newsletter, I'll be sharing with you news about my streaming yoga video membership site, upcoming summer and fall event locations, and........(drumroll), my Yoga Teacher Training launch in 2019!

FIRST - I'm so proud (of all of you!) to announce, I reached my first goal of members on the streaming site, and am now able to give a percentage of every membership, every month to - a great non profit that helps to clean up and protect our world's oceans. On my streaming site (which works just like Netflix), we can practice together! Its a great site for students and teachers to enhance your practice with a growing library of videos (more added each week), with 13 categories, ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, beginner to advanced. There is truly a practice for everyone on this site so that you can continue to move and breathe at your pace, at your level, on your time. Our introductory period is coming to a close, and beginning on June 1st, the site will be $11.99 a month or $114.00 for the year. Sign up before June 1st and you'll save on a monthly or yearly membership. Click to be directed to the site and for a free trial (optional gift membership too, for those you love).

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