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Doing the work to Feel Better In Your Body. You deserve it (Winter, 2022)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Dear Community ,

Earlier this year, I made a couple of impromptu videos on Instagram and Facebook about my tagline, #FeelBetterInYourBody - during the talks, I mentioned that to even begin to entertain the idea of Feeling Better In Your Body, you first have to feel as if you DESERVE to do so.

After I posted these videos, I received a couple of emails from members of my streaming site, letting me know that the “deserving” piece really resonated with them.

In my life, I’ve worked at teaching myself that I do in fact deserve to feel good. I deserve to not suffer, and I also deserve to Feel Better In My Body simply because I am here on this planet. Feeling deserving did not come naturally to me.

So, if you need a little nudge or reminder that you deserve to feel good, this is it. You deserve to feel good, be happy, be healthy, be loved, be seen and be appreciated simply because you are a living, breathing, being on this planet.

So, take good care of yourself this week. You deserve it.

That said, it may not be easy, but you deserve it.

Taking care of yourself so that you can Feel Better In Your Body doesn’t necessarily mean we just do the types of movement we love. It doesn’t mean we can just eat our favorite foods, or drink a half a bottle of wine because it feels good in the moment. You deserve to feel good, but it may take a little work. Keep the bigger picture in mind, and treat yourself like you’re an example to others, and show them how to take good care of themselves.

If the above resonates with you, great. If you were born into this world already knowing that you deserved the world, more power to you! Show others and remind others they deserve to Feel Better In Their Body, too.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my world. And if you don't trust or believe me, trust B Dog. She's 14 now and knows a thing or two.

Hope your week is off to a healthy start!


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