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And The Winner Is...Plus Gift and Sponsorship...May, 2024

Dear Community,


Recently I held a Change of Season Giveaway, where I gave away a year long membership to my streaming site + a one on one session with me online.


And the winner is…


Karen from Austin, TX!


Karen is a mother of two, works half days, and described to me that “By the time I have 15 minutes to myself at night, I’m exhausted and just want to put my feet up”. AND, she also expressed that she’s nervous to start yoga or Pilates because she’s never been “into that sort of thing”.


Karen and I have our online session scheduled for next week where I’ll be learning more about what her needs and interests are, in order to prescribe which videos and audios to start with on my streaming site, and talk her through how to use the site efficiently.


Congratulations, Karen! I look forward to meeting you and working with you.


2 more things I’d like to share with you today:


If you’d like to gift someone my streaming site, or sponsor someone with a membership, here’s what to do:


Click HERE to access the streaming site, and there is a “gift” option on the bottom left of the page. You can gift the site for one month or longer.


I personally gift the streaming site to a few people who can’t afford the $11.99 a month at this time, but use it for physical, emotional and mental health. If you’d like to sponsor someone for a year long membership, it's $60 for the year. Email me to sponsor someone! Its a nice thing to do.


Take good care of yourself and each other this weekend.


My best to you, always!


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