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All Is Right With The World...(April, 2023)

I enjoy walking and hiking. I really enjoy mountain biking. I love dancing.


Nothing gives me the same sense of peace that breath work and practicing yoga postures gives me.

The past two weeks have been busier than usual, and yet I still made time for exercise and various practices.

I went to my new favorite local yoga studio, The Center Yoga in Harrisonburg, Va, and at the end of class, lying there resting, I had the thought that I often have at the end of a yoga practice, “I feel like all is right with the world”.

I’m not someone who buries my head in the sand and doesn’t listen to world news, so I know the difference between reality and a feeling, but having this feeling, and these thoughts, is a special and healthy thing to experience once in a while.

This is one of the benefits that I receive from yoga. That sense and feeling that All Is Right With The World.

I left class feeling clear headed, balanced, calm and optimistic. All qualities that fill me up and give me the ability to keep going.

I encourage you to make time for movement and breath work, do the activities that are fun for you and are challenging for you. Make sure you’re getting a variety of movement, AND, at least a little bit of yoga. There is magic in the practice that shifts our perspective and has the potential to shift our nervous system in ways that nothing else can.

Make time for movement this weekend, and put it in your calendar in advance for next week.

We can all use of a dose of that feeling that, All Is Right With The World.

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Good luck in the drawing (current members of the site can enter, too)!

My best to you, always.


Questions? Email me:

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