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Adult Time Outs...October, 2023

Below is a segment of a longer email newsletter to my community...

A few weeks ago I was talking to a  friend…she is a single mom of two teenagers and works full time. She mentioned to me that she has started to give herself adult time outs. We talked briefly about this, without a lot of detail, but the idea and concept stuck with me. A time out can be good for so many reasons…to address overwhelm, anger, sadness, exhaustion, etc. And nowadays people rarely even go to the bathroom without it being a time to catch up on texts, the news or emails!

So, notice if the concept of an adult time out is actually appealing to you, and try it. Perhaps the bathroom with no phone? Perhaps a bathroom break to take a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing? Perhaps a bathroom break to simply, go to the bathroom?!?! You know, the old tried and true single pointed focus idea that many of us often lose sight of?

Take the time to pause, breathe and notice. An adult time out isn’t a punishment, but can be a good opportunity to have a refresh.

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