Movement Therapy Company's mission is to help individuals manage pain, heal and prevent injuries,

improve posture and balance, be physically fit and feel better in their body.

This is achieved through multiple modalities including physical therapy practices, Pilates, yoga,

breathing techniques and physical fitness.  

Jamie's Bio

For two decades, Jamie has been a passionate teacher in the healing arts. Her background in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, Pilates and yoga enables her to provide well rounded care and help you become pain free and physically balanced.

Jamie has taught yoga, Pilates, gait therapy and movement therapy full time for over twenty years.

A former professional modern dancer, Jamie has spent a lifetime either creating or correcting injury. Jamie's own injuries at a relatively young age guided her toward a career in helping others heal 

their physical injury and pain. 

Jamie has a bachelor's degree in Dance Anatomy from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), is a graduate of over a dozen yoga teacher certifications, Long Beach Dance Conditioning's Pilates program, Duke University College of Integrative Medicine's Movement Therapy for Seniors program and is a certified Brourman Gait Therapist.


Jamie currently works in private practice, retreat settings, and teacher training programs

in the US, Mexico and Europe.

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