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Please read the following completely.


Anyone who has not completed this form, and returned it to the instructor will NOT be allowed to participate. No exceptions. 



Jamie Elmer and First Ray Yoga LLC are not responsible for any faults or failings in your physical body and/or your mental state.  If at any time in this event you are in pain, physically or mentally, please make this clear to the instructor and either excuse yourself or opt out of any part, or all of this event. 

I, the undersigned, hereby release Jamie Elmer, Jamie Elmer Yoga, First Ray Yoga LLC, and all affiliates from any and all liability or responsibility related to, but not limited to, the information and physical actions provided in this and all future events and exercises.  Jamie Elmer and all affiliates are not held liable or responsible for any failings, present or future, in my physical state and/or physical or mental health, including and not limited to injury, stress, strain, fatigue, or similar.

Thank you for your submission! Click here to download a copy of this form.

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